Stronger Together

Since becoming UNISON Regional Secretary back in July, a lot of people have been asking me what the job involves. The truth is that changes on a daily basis. Sometimes it can be about managing the work of the union in the region. Other times it can be about building relationships with local politicians and employers that benefit our members, or taking a leading role in industrial action or pay negotiations.

It’s a varied job, and one that I love very much. As someone who was a lay activist until I was appointed, it’s given me a great opportunity to see the union from a different perspective – and to fully dedicate myself to the work of union across the region.

But I can’t sum up what I do in a single blog post, so ahead of our regional conference this weekend I’ve decided to start writing an occasional blog. Here I’ll try to explain a little more about what I do, what the region and the national union are working on and trying to answer some of the questions about UNISON that I’m asked most often.

I hope that as someone who has been a public service worker and a trade unionist my whole life I’m able to give you an insight into the work that we do both with you and on your behalf – and how, in UNISON, we’re stronger when we work together.