Chechnya: LGBT rights are human rights – Protest

All welcome let’s make this a colourful, peaceful protest and show that love and community spirit is the way to defeat hate.

When: Wednesday 19th of April at 6pm
Where: Times Square, next to the Centre for Life – Newcastle

Please join UNISON Newcastle Hospital Branch and UNISON Northern as we protest the current persecution of Gay Men and the LGBT community in Chechnya and demand that they recognise that LGBT Rights are Human Rights. You can find more information on the face book event for more details or by downloading the poster.

A brutal campaign against gay men is sweeping across Chechnya, an administrative unit of the Russian Federation. At least 100 men who are suspected by the authorities of being gay have been abducted, put into “concentration camps”, tortured and many even killed.

The government in Chechnya deny this by stating “that gay men can’t be being rounded up and killed, as there aren’t any gay men in Chechnya. And if there were, the state wouldn’t need to ‘deal with them’ as their families would do it themselves”

Chechnya is bound by human rights both domestic and international. These have been fatally disregarded.

UNISON has a proud history of promoting LGBT rights and making gains for the LGBT community.

Please join us and stand in solidarity with the Chechen LGBT community to let Chechnya know – the world is watching and we won’t accept this.