Durham teaching assistants announce new strike dates, reveals UNISON

Press Release
Monday 16 November 2016

For immediate release

More than a thousand Durham teaching assistants will take a further two days of strike action next week (Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 November) over cuts to their pay. This follows strike action held in the second week of November.

Teaching assistants employed by Durham County Council stand to lose nearly a quarter (up to 23 per cent) of their wages.

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “There will be no end to this dispute until Durham County Council realises it can’t get away with slashing the wages of low paid teaching assistants.

“We know the council is under the cosh from government cuts but they have to prioritise frontline services to the public, and it doesn’t get more frontline than supporting our school children.

“Councillors should do the decent thing and settle this dispute. Schools can then return to normal and teaching assistants can go back to the job they love without worrying about how they will pay their bills.”