Advice for schools and nursery members with serious concerns about returning to work on 1 June

UNISON has consistently opposed the expansion of pupil numbers in primary schools and nurseries in England on 1 June. We believe that it increases the risks to pupils, staff, parents and the wider community. Many councils and schools have agreed with us and are delaying the expanded return to work. Unfortunately last night the government pressed ahead with its plans.

Therefore please read the information at the below link very carefully. It outlines a series of steps you must take if you have serious specific concerns that returning to work will endanger your health or if your school’s plans are not adequate

Download the latest advice

If you are thinking of submitting one of the letters included in the new materials, please read them thoroughly and look at your specific circumstances before sending them and before contacting your branch. However if you fit the criteria and have carried out the steps and have specific concerns then contact your UNISON branch ( before you send any of the new letters.

We understand this is an extremely stressful time and we are committed to doing all we can to support you. UNISON will support you if you believe your health and safety is at serious risk if you go into school on 1 June.

This information was sent to all members in schools in England that we have permission to email.