Heart unions: Get Active and Get a Lift with UNISON in 2021

UNISON Northern has revolutionised its delivery of New Steward training in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. New UNISON Stewards can work through the training materials on computer while at home or in the office. Support is only a phone call away via our Regional Organising Staff and further support is available in plenary video-conferencing sessions during the course.

As part of the training course, New Stewards make a simple plan, with the support and advice of UNISON Organising Staff, to organise and make a difference in their workplace.

UNISON Steward Geoff Rowney completed his training on 15 December and already has scored an organising victory in James Cook University Hospital where he works as a Health Care Assistant.

Geoff had identified that his ward area did not have a hoist for the safe lifting of patients. After organising his colleagues and recruiting more members into UNISON, Geoff put the case to management that staff were at greater risk of a musculoskeletal injury and that staff-time was lost each time colleagues had to physically search the wider site in the hope of borrowing a hoist from another ward area.

Geoff’s campaign has paid off! Within a week of completing his course, he has ensured that UNISON members and patients are safer: management have now allocated hoist equipment to the ward.

As a UNISON Workplace Representative, Geoff has made a real difference where he works.

Why don’t you make a New Year Resolution to be like Geoff?

Be like Geoff: Get involved in UNISON and begin to make a real difference at work.

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