Unions call for a ​’substantial​’ pay rise for ​council and school workers

Unions call for a ​’substantial​’ pay rise for ​council and school workers Three local government unions ​have today (Monday)​ submitted a pay claim ​for 2021/22, which they say begin​s to redress a decade of cuts and recognise​s the key role ​played in the pandemic ​by school and council staff.  They want to see a ‘substantial’ pay increase from this April with […]

Heart unions: Get Active and Get a Lift with UNISON in 2021

UNISON Northern has revolutionised its delivery of New Steward training in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. New UNISON Stewards can work through the training materials on computer while at home or in the office. Support is only a phone call away via our Regional Organising Staff and further support is available in plenary video-conferencing sessions […]

Heart Unions: UNISON wins new uniforms for Ambulance staff

UNISON North East Ambulance branch wins new uniforms for North East Ambulance staff. Paramedics, Patient Transport Service crews, Ambulance Care Assistants, Technicians and Advanced Practitioners – all of our members in these job are required to be outside in bad weather. Following contact from members raising concerns that uniforms for front line staff were not […]

Government must step in to prevent vaccine strong-arm tactics towards care staff

If the vaccine programme is to work properly and maximum take-up across the social care secured, individuals​ should be encouraged, not intimidated, into receiving a jab.

Covid pressures triggering mental health issues among health staff

Some have experienced suicidal thoughts, suffered PTSD symptoms and panic attacks, felt helpless when supporting patients – or quit their jobs altogether.

Government must use the time schools are closed to make them safer

The government mustn’t squander the time between now and early March to improve the safety of schools

Covid deaths show those with caring jobs are still at highest risk

Statistics show that death rates continue to be highest among those who deliver the most hands-on care.

DfE stats reveal high level of COVID infections among school staff

Estimates put 39% of teachers and school leaders and 51% of teaching assistants and other staff are working on-site in open settings in the current lockdown

Pay rise immediately would reassure undervalued staff to stay in NHS

A pay rise would provide reassurance and comfort to staff and help them feel more valued, the survey shows.

Ministers must give proper support to student nurses

Today the Nursing and Midwifery Council has announced the decision to allow final year nursing students again to work for the NHS during the pandemic.