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Blog: Durham Miners Gala

It was a huge honour to be invited by the  Durham Miners Association to address the Big Meeting on Saturday, especially when that meant sharing the platform with so many great speakers and representatives of our movement. In particular, it was a pleasure to be alongside Angela Rayner and Jeremy Corbyn – two great UNISON […]

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Blog: The future of school funding

UNISON Northern is supporting a petition calling for a debate in parliament on the future of school funding. You will find the link at the end of this post. UNISON represents thousands of school support staff across the Region and those members do fantastic work to help children learn, keep them safe and healthy and […]

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Bank of England’s Chief Economist visits UNISON West Midlands

On Monday 27th November activists and officials from UNISON West Midlands met Andy Haldane, the Bank of England’s Chief Economist. Mr Haldane is a member of the Monetary Policy Committee that sets interest rates. This visit was part of a UK wide tour by Mr Haldane designed to improve communications between the Bank of England […]

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A challenging year

It’s the start of a new year: and a challenging one for UNISON members, the services they provide, and for the union

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Standing with our LGBT members

From criminalisation to celebration, it’s quite a journey – and there’s still a long way to go

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Lords tax credits vote is an important first step

The vote on tax credits is a tremendous win for ordinary people struggling to get by on low pay – but it’s only a beginning

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Blog: Why Teaching assistants like my Mam deserve our solidarity – Guest post by Jamie Dickinson

As someone who recently finished their academic journey through our state primary and now secondary school system, I know the detrimental toll that nine years of ideologically Tory / Lib Dem driven austerity has had on morale, investment and focus on students from some of the poorest and deprived areas of our region. With a […]

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