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EPSU leader spells out the Europe we want

EPSU general secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan’s message to UNISON’s local government conference was that we could change Europe for the betterment of the majority of its people

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Classroom assistants celebrated in Northern Ireland

Classroom assistants are being celebrated throughout Northern Ireland for their contribution to our schools

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Hampers for teaching assistants in the East Midlands

UNISON delivers hampers to teaching assistants to show appreciation

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UNISON launches campaign to save teaching assistants

UNISON launches campaign to protect teaching assistants and highlight the role they play in education

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Pirouetting onto the UNISON stage

Tamar Dixon started out as a dancer, but has since pursued a new passion as a teaching assistant

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Having the confidence to help

For teaching assistant Hasmita Dhamelia, a UNISON course to build confidence led to a new role – as a UNISON rep

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UNISON offers top tips for tackling difficult behaviour in schools

New guide assists school support staff to deal with misbehaving pupils in tandem with school policy

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Derby school support staff start week of action

Teaching assistants, school supervisors, admin staff and other support workers striking between 7am and 1pm every day this week

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On a challenging day, Durham TAs show that there’s so much to fight for

We face huge challenges on so many fronts. At times they can seem insurmountable. But today let’s remember what we stand for. And why we must keep fighting all of those challenges that still lie ahead of us.

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National hardship fund for Durham dispute

UNISON has today (Monday) authorised a national hardship fund to ensure that no teaching assistants on strike in Durham suffer financial hardship. The fund, made up of an initial £150,000 will be administered by the union’s northern region. UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “Today I have personally authorised £150,000 from the union’s industrial action […]

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