Blog: Celebrating Young Workers’ Month with an Intersectional Lens by Henrietta Cameron, YM Lead

November is a special month for UNISON as it marks the annual celebration of young workers. This month gives us a platform to recognise the invaluable contributions of young workers in workplaces, and an opportunity to raise awareness of the challenges they face. Young workers are more likely to be in insecure work, in low […]

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Blog: Local Service Champions – Guest blog by Rue Kudya

Today is UNISON’s annual celebration of local government workers. Whether it’s the staff who keep buildings clean and safe or the worker supporting a resident with their benefits query, Council staff regularly go above and beyond for their communities.  This vital work is often hidden from the public and as the largest union in local […]

Blog: Getting active in schools – a guest blog by Jane Shortland

My trade union journey began more than 30 years ago and I have never looked back. I took part in Return to Learn (R2L) that whetted my appetite for not just learning for myself, but also to support other UNISON members through their learning journey. From R2L, I became a Voluntary Education Adviser, then a […]

It’s Local Service Champions Day, let’s celebrate – a guest blog post by Diane Peacock

Today UNISON celebrate our first-ever Champions Day in local government.

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Blog: Climate change – The window of opportunity is closing – Guest post by Ronagh Craddock

Tackling climate change is one of UNISON’s key objectives. It is a core issue for our members, both in their workplaces and communities. The United Nations (UN) body for assessing climate change science (IPCC) published their latest report this week. The report is a stark warning on the reality of the scale of the challenge […]

Blog: The murder of George Floyd is another example of the racism that blights US society – Guest post by Mavreen Ncube

The murder of George Floyd is another example of the racism that blights US society. There are those who would claim that the situation in the UK is different, but that’s not true. That is why we all have to commit ourselves to be actively anti-racist in our attitudes and our behaviours. UNISON Northern has […]