Disabled members

The Northern Region Disabled Members Self Organised Group is a group where members who self identify as disabled are welcomed and encouraged to participate in a supportive environment.

The Group meets four times a year (including an Annual General Meeting) in different venues across the Northern Region and aims;

  • to raise the profile of disabled members and to improve skills, knowledge and understanding of issues relating to employment and trade union matters, particularly those relating to disabled members and
  • to empower members to identify discrimination and have the tools to challenge it in the workplace and wider society.

UNISON branches work to eliminate discrimination in the work place and members of the group are encouraged to take an active part in their branches to address issues and break down barriers.

The Regional Disabled Members’ Self Organised group work together to prioritise areas of work, identify development and training needs and provide support and networking opportunities. Both new and experienced members take part and run the group with support from a UNISON Area Organiser.

Want to get involved?

Contact: Gill Toward, Regional Disabled members Lead
Phone: 0191 245 0800
Email: n.region@unison.co.uk