LGBT+ History Month and UNISON’s Year of LGBT+ Workers

During February, which is LGBT+ history month your branch could host a LGBT+ history event. We have an amazing UNISON LGBT+ history presentation, that takes us back to our partner unions (COHSE, NALGO and NUPE in case you were wondering) and how they started working for LGBT+ equality in the workplace.

It takes you to the formation of UNISON, and how we changed from organising as a L&G group, to a LGBT group and finally in 2019, how we became a LGBT+ group. There is the history of how we did this, what was going on in society, in our workplaces and talks about how we’ve continuously raised LGBT+ issues in work places across our four nations.

So much history, and the good news is that there are full notes pages which allows all of us to give the presentation! Also, has your branch run a trans ally training course? If not, get in touch with your regional education officer to see how you can book one in. And how are your LGBT+ policies at work? Use our policy checklist

Do you have trans equality policy? UNISON has a trans model policy and it would be good to get them into as many workplaces as possible.

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