Public Sector Workers March at Miners’ Gala

Miners Gala March

The General Election has mobilised hundreds of thousands of people who want to see real change in society.  The disastrous Conservative government policies of austerity which were about making some of the most vulnerable people pay for an economic crisis not of their making have been exposed as not delivering for the majority of people.  The Labour Party manifesto which is a vision to deliver opportunity and equality is one which UNISON absolutely supports.

The Northern region has felt the impact of government policies in workplaces and communities acutely and UNISON has consistently campaigned for alternative policies which have been soundly supported across the region.

As the government enters into Brexit talks, as the economy teeters and no clear strategy is in place for the future of the country or the economy, hundreds of members of UNISON, the public sector union, will proudly march in the 133rd  Durham Miners’ Gala in defence of public services and workers’ rights.

UNISON’s regional secretary, Clare Williams, will be one of the principal speakers at the Gala.

Speaking prior to the Gala, Clare Williams said

“Public sector workers have had enough of being treated as second class citizens. They have seen their incomes in real terms dropping by over 20% since 2010, and it is no surprise that they feel betrayed by a government that is both ideologically and practically destroying public services and the lives of those who work in these services.

There has never been a more important time for working people to voice their opposition to a Tory government’s attack on everything from community services to welfare reform. Public sector workers maintain the fabric of society.  We provide essential services that all of us rely on.”

She continued:

“It is really important at this time that trade unions unite to defend workers’ rights and address the issues that people in our communities care most about – falling incomes, insecure jobs, unaffordable housing and the huge challenges facing our public services, after more than half a decade of cuts.

Saturday will see the strength of trade unions and communities coming together to highlight the impact of the government’s policies in the North East.  We are campaigning for an alternative economic policy that invests in the public sector, delivers social housing and supports growth. We are also campaigning to combat racism and hate crimes which sadly have risen.

UNISON in calling for real social justice that puts fairness, decency and justice at the centre of our economic and social strategy.

The Gala is an opportunity for trade unions, the Labour party and the public to come together and tell the government that we want a society that is for the many not the few.”